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"Association for Civil Society Development "ACSD" with the Public Fund "Civic engagement" announces grant competition (1) to increase the participation of civil society in decision-making processes at the national and local levels and (2) to support advocacy initiatives of non-commercial organizations (NCOs) of the Kyrgyz Republic in the framework of the program "Partnership for Innovation – P4I" which was implemented with financial support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


The purpose of the program: Strengthening the influence of civil society in Central Asia on the decision-making process to promote the interests of beneficiaries and target groups in the formation and implementation of national, regional, local policies and programs through effective dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation with government agencies.


Objectives of the grant competition:

  • Increased participation of civil society[1] in public/municipal decision-making processes affecting the public interest of vulnerable groups;
  • Support advocacy initiatives of non-profit organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan to ensure the participation of the public in protecting the rights and representing the interests of the beneficiaries with the goal of positive transformation and resolution of social problems of task groups.


Requirements for the participants of the grant competition:

  1. Applications are accepted from NGOs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. Only one application is accepted from one NGO;
  3. Project experience at local and/or national levels;
  4. The project should be designed for a period of up to 8 months;
  5. NGOs should not be affiliated with certain political forces (parties, movements, leaders, etc.).


Submission of application:

Starting date of receiving applications: August 26, 2019.

Deadline for applications: 22 September 2019

The deadline for submission of project: September 12, 2019.

Grant implementation period: up to 8 months


Grant amount: $6 500


For consideration, applications will be accepted in Kazakh or Russian languages and required to submit by e-mail: marked "Grant competition for NGOs of Kazakhstan" at 00:00 (local time, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan), September 22, 2019 and all files must be named.


For all question s and inquiries, please, contact or follow on link