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Media Literacy and Cybersecurity Course for Youth

Media Literacy and Cybersecurity Course for Youth

This October, we are launching a new project “Media Literacy and Cybersecurity Youth Training supported by the U.S. EMBASSY & CONSULATE IN KAZAKHSTAN.The period of performance of the project is October, 2021 - July, 2022.

The project aims to create educational curriculum and training courses to improve awareness and competence of young people, which are crucial for safe and efficient usage of digital resources on the Internet. The course is aimed at Kazakh-speaking young people who are college students.

Digital environment is rapidly evolving. Young people actively use new technologies. In current condition it is very important not only to find information on the Internet but also to evaluate its quality and reliability; analyse the problem and find digital instruments able to solve it; quickly master new tools, as they are constantly improving and changing; and to protect themselves in the digital space. This is exactly what our educational course is dedicated to: media literacy and cybersecurity.

We plan to teach approximately 100 young people at the age of 16-20 from Aktau and Zhezkazgan within the project.

The results of our project are the following: a training programme on media and digital literacy in the Kazakh and Russian languages; young people involved in media creativity; attracting public attention to the problem of safe consumption of media information on the Internet; and increasing media and digital literacy among young people.